Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baru nak update....


      Ya allah sanah dah lupa urmm bahawa 1/12/2011 lalu blog sanah da berusia 1 tahun uhhh,,,,,tengoklah sanah le lupa benda ni urmm,,,,,,,kebuzian yang amat sangat hingga sanah lupa..this is bcoz i m in exam mood i dont have time to write new entry, i dont know why ,,since my old handphone lost i dont have sprit to active in bloging Ya Allah Bantu La hamba mu yang amat Pemalas ni " apa pun tak boleh".

      Its about New yeaR see i just talk about new year ehh ,,,event its 1 week already in new year its ok event its too late but i just want to wish HaPPy new year came baBeee 2012 , i dont think i have any "azam"  actually this year myb i am buzy with my exam so i am not excited to celebrate the new year,,sometime i feel 'peliklah la pula" normally in new year sanah ni sangat excited but this year its like "$%^&*(*&^%.....But event in exam mood i have time to celebarte event just in small caremony.

     The most important i cant wait 20.1.2012 urmm this is my time to go back to my hometown "sabah" i really miss u.Exam will be finished in 19 .1.2012 so whats the plan to celebrate?? urmm this is make ssad yawww,,,,,coz wawa n sania will back early then me so its not like the previous semester,,where we celebrate our independent day ( bis exam katakan) urmmmm,,,,,

    Anyways Thanks for supporting me in blogging i know i am not active to write something in my onlione diary insyallah i will to find my mood back pray for me k,,,,

Happy new Year 2012

25/12./2011 5 days before New Year 2012

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