Monday, May 2, 2011

Im in exam mood


exam cartoons, exam cartoon, exam picture, exam pictures, exam image, exam images, exam illustration, exam illustrations      My first entry in May...ok start for this week i need to be focus on my study yeahh its sound like be funny right,,,,haa ok OMG why my entry for this time in enGLish ahh Lantak Pi la pUn ..ok start on 10 may my exam will start that my first paper...ermm actually is something different for this time i need to be more focus coz for this sem my subject its very hard i dont know why,,,,

   After This maybe my blog like org kata terbiar lah,,uhhh coz i m in exam mod so faham2 la nak jadi budak skema so i need ti strugle haa macam lawak je ayat sanah...honestly i dont have any prepare myb  some student  out there like to study early not like me,,always study in last minute i dont why thats my ways always in last minute,,,whatever or whenever maybe some people are different right, their have their own style to study and understand what theirrr study.

     So i wish gud luck 4 all student out there ok..sorry late to wish  ehehhhhehh myb dah ada yang balik da uma kan i know it in many universiti out there UUM la yang paling lambat start exam uhh  i m in jelez mud pun ada when i m hear many student already in their home right know like my frenz haa anyways just ignore it coz in NEED TO FOCUS coz IM IN EXAM MOOD.
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